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Cryptocurrency will solve the problem we are currently Facing as a country



Cryptocurrency will solve the problem we are currently Facing as a country

It is no news that Nigeria is deep in debt currently. However, what is alarming should be the fact that this debt is been passed down to the next generation to come.

Recently one of the Nigerian biggest news company published that about Ten trillion naira debt has been passed down to unborn Nigerians. So sad

Ten Trillion Naira in dept

This is a very serious problem because there is no system put in place by the government to alleviate the issue at hand.

However there is hope. How? You might want to ask. Well with the recent developments in technology, especially with the birth of Blockchain Tech, Nigeria can come out of her debt stresslessly without complicating life for the unborn children.

In fact with this technology, the government can put structures in place whereby, generations to come will be born into abundance and not debt.

If the government will partner with blockchain project in Nigeria, the likes of Pinkoin, utilizing all that InksLedger Blockchain has to offer, Nigeria might soon become one of the richest country in the world.

Pinkoin is the native currency of InksNation DAO Foundation and this cryptocurrency has all it takes to alleviate all the debt of Nigeria without any issue and at the same time create abundance for all the citizens

Now you might be wondering how is that even possible? Well it is pretty simple, perhaps simpler than what you can possibly imagine.

First of all, let me mention that cryptocurrencies are created using computer codes, which then makes it easier for anyone to create one. Well not anyone as it were though, maybe we should say any programmer. The point is, creating a Cryptocurrency isn’t as hard as it sound.

But the way and manner by which these cryptocurrencies are structured is what makes the difference, what determines their values differs, what they are to be used for also differs.

So now you see that cryptocurrency as it sound so big; isn’t that hard, they are powered by a ground breaking technology, too difficult for governments to wrap their minds around.

They can not imagine how a virtual asset or money, could be so powerful such that it’s shaking all their seemingly well structured Slavery fiat currency. They wonder why cryptocurrency is so Easy to create and easy to implement (at least for programmers)

Meaning we don’t have to spend money on trying to print money again. It sound funny but it is not funny, this is what government do all over the world, they spend huge amount of money trying to print money.

They buy machines that prints the money, they build a huge facility just really trying to secure the money. In other word using lots of money to secure lots of money. Funny right? Well trust me, it’s not funny.

But with cryptocurrency, the reverse is the case. With pinkoin for example, AI do the job of what machine does in central banks because it is mined on a realtime, the value also is derived by the people.

It is the first of it’s kind to be 100% Backed by human beings, meaning as humans are registering on the blockchain to be identified by a universal wallet as a LIVING NODE or simply put as NODEs, the value of Pinkoin increases.

This mechanism then suggest to us that humans are the ones even paying themselves. Just by registering on InksLedger Blockchain, you automatically print or mine about 800,000 dollars for your self, which in turn is paid back to you monthly as UBI for the rest of your life. All coded on the blockchain.

If the government of countries will sit down and really analyze the the mechanism behind Pinkoin operations and all it’s ground breaking innovation in the world of cryptocurrency, they will see that; better than fiat currency is here.

Pinkoin operates cross borders. Meaning that country A can transanct with country B effortlessly without looking for how to carryout a currency exchange. The exchange happens on the blockchain at Realtime.

The Value of Pinkoin does not depreciate as it is with other crypto assets. Pinkoin is a cryptocurrency, not a crypto asset. I  called pinkoin “the cryptocurrency of crypto assets” Yes! That is what it is.

It can be used just exactly the way a fiat currency is used. Transactions on InksLedger with pinkoin are instant. They happens in NANO SECS. Comfirmation of transactions are done with the help of AI and guess what? Zero transaction fee.

Pinkoin is not your usual crypto asset, so it might be hard to grasp all this information at once but if you finally come into it and see how it works, you will realize that it is truly the legend of all cryptocurrencies put together.

Pinkoin, I will say is cryptocurrency 5.0, though in the crypto world, we are probably still at cryptocurrency 2.5 or 3.0 right now, but if the time finally comes; when the crypto space wakes up to the reality of cryptocurrency 5.0; they will meet PINKOIN as the father standing on the edge of the technology.

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